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This island is synonymous for white sharks, the ocean’s ultimate predators. Guadalupe Island lays about 240 km west off Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula coast and can be reached by boat in less than 24 hours from Ensenada. We meet in San Diego and then are driven by bus to the port of Ensenada, Mexico. The boats we use for these trips are very seaworthy, spacious, and are manned by seasoned crews to offer the best experience. Depending on the trip one chooses, we visit other islands and dive sites on our way out to or back from Guadalupe. Some of the sites are around San Benitos and are primarily kelp forest diving.

White Shark Diving

White sharks reflect the ultimate encounter among all the different shark species. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to interact with them without cages (stupid rule, we know, but there is not much we can do at the moment, we apologize). Nevertheless, even from inside the cage, each encounter remains breathtaking. White shark diving is very seasonal and takes place between August and November. Although white sharks stay longer around the island, the weather is often not favorable anymore. The workshop always takes place early in the evening, focusing entirely on white sharks, their behavior, and interactions with humans.